Syed Gailuva Churchill
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Shyest and nicest of the Gay Gang


Syed Gailuva Churchill





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28th April, 1992


Liam Bongmen

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How dare you call my cute animals "Straight"! They are all 100% gay. If you say that they are straight ever again, you will get a huge slap round your face with my willy.

—- Syed to Christopher

Syed Gailuva Churchill is a member of the Gay Gang, being the shyest, most generous, and all-in-all, nicest. Him and Julian share a close friendship. Syed has a boyfriend named Liam Bongmen.

Syed has a Youtube Channel called Shane Dawson

Appearance and equipment

Syed is a 21-year-old shy animal lover, which explains why he owns a lot of pets.


Syed is not known to wear any makeup, except for when wearing a little makeup occasionally. He wears any type of shirt, skirts, skin-tight leginggs and a checkered shirt. He has also recently worn jackets.


Syed Churchill shaved his head for Gay Charity, however, his hair grew back in no time. Which makes him have straightened hair.

How he got into the Gay Gang:

Julian and Bill had created the Gay Gang and invited Sebastian Gatewell to join, he then invited Syed to join, and Syed accepted, making him have the veteran rank.


Syed has quite a few pets, five dogs, three cats, three rabbits, two toads, three guinea pigs, four horses, four squirrels, five monkeys, three elephants, five chickens, five rats, three pigs and three birds. He looks after them himself instead of someone looking after them like Julian and Bill have Billy Maller looking after Codykins.

His dogs names are Shagsta, Gaylian, Poopy , Fagdog and Shaggy.

His cats names are Hairless Hairball, Whiskerpoop and Tailshag.

His rabbits names are Gayfluff, Buncock and Bumfluff.

His toads names are Bouncybum and Flycatcher.

His guinea pigs names are Nibblewilly, Bitebum and Bumsniffer.

His horses names are Bigbollocks, Stinkypoop, Saddlegay and Bumsplitter.

His squirrels names are Chest-Nut, RedWilly, Bignut and Bumcheek.

His birds names are Tweetyfag, FlyingWilly and FlappyFag

His monkeys names are Spankey , RedBum, SourCrack and Cheeky Monkey.

His elephants names are Gigantarse, Bigpoop and Gaytrunk.

His chickens names are Willydoodledoo, Cockster, Peckerbum, Pickawilly and Buckbum. 

His rats names are Remy, Linguini, Gaycheese, Knackersniffer and Buttbiter

His pigs names are Pigpogbog, Mr.Gaypig and Shiteroller


  • Syed Churchill straightens his hair.
  • Syed Churchill was invited to join the Gay Gang by Julian Jones.
  • Syed's name was from Eastenders by the character, Syed Masood.