The updated SPACE SOLDIER logo, 19/09/2012.


It is a time of darkness and despair on the planet Earth. The planet is crumbling into almost nothing, falling into the hands of the alien race, the Garmants. The Earth Defence Unit, known as LockHold is doing everything and anything to restore what was once a great planet. One of the main command centres, London, is where some of the most brutal battles take place. One of the Lockhold squads are there examining Trafalgar Square in search for Garmant remains and traps before the next fleet of the beasts attacks.

Meanwhile on the planet Rellfine, located some million light years away from the Solar System in the galaxy Kellmora, an anonymous warrior called “Space Soldier” is in the City of Mitsat about to enter the Rellshor High Council to receive a special gift from the President of the planet, Kormolth Maleck. Space Soldier walks throw the great steal doors witch hold markings of the Rellfine language, into the massive, royal hallway, now accompanied by two of the guards which are covered in armoury, the Space Soldier is taken down the hallway and then again through some smaller but still big doors which require a password. The guards say the password in Rellfine Language and with a great roar, the doors slowly but steadily come open to reveal a hallway but with stairs towards the end. And up those stairs there is no other than the President of the Planet. Space Soldier is taken up to the President and kneels before him. The President picks up his staff which holds power capable of massive destruction. The President then aims his staff above Space Soldiers shoulders and moves it up on down saying “Lord -----, you have been loyal to the Rellfine council and have proven yourself to all of us. Your outstanding courage and loyalty has lead you to this moment. Take this badge and wear it with pride.”The guards around and other council members applaud Space Soldier. As Space Soldier begins to walk back to the crowd, President Maleck calls Space Soldier back, “I have also got a Mk III SpaceSpeeder for you located on the aircraft pad.”, “Thank you very much Lord President.””No, thank you.” The President gives Space Soldier a beaming smile. The following day Space Soldier gazes up at the sky with the binary stars setting on the horizon, and thinks very deeply about what he can do now he has a space ship that has capabilities of travelling the speed of light.