Julian doing the Shagaboom, mixing hot lava and cold water together while shagging the middle of it.

The Shagaboom is a rare occurance created by Gay God, Julianos Gruesana Jones. It only happens once a year and only men over sixteen can feel it. It feels like a rush of being shagged. The duration of the feeling depends. It could last for 5 seconds at the least or 20 seconds at the most. 

The Shagaboom can only happen if Gay God Julianos Gruesana Jones collects two buckets, one full of boiling hot lava and the other full of freezing cold water. He then asks two people to help him, he asks the first person to hold the water bucket, and the other person to hold the lava bucket. The people who are asked to hold the buckets have a choice of watching or not, but because he mostly offers the buckets to gay men, they mainly choose to watch.

When Julian is ready, they splash the buckets at him at the same time, while Julian performs a Gay Forcefield as well as shagging at the same time. The amount of reaction causes a Shagaboom. The Shagaboom appears rainbow in colour.