Pink Crusader and Bunny Boy
The Pink Crusader and his companion, Bunny Boy.

Name of series:

The Pink Crusader and Bunny Boy cover for Series 1


Olivia B and Daniel B


Ongoing Series

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Date created:

Unknown, 2014


Pink Crusader, Bunny Boy, The Straightiator and more.

The Pink Crusader and Bunny Boy is a series created sometime in 2014, based on a Gay superhero named The Pink Crusader and his companion, Bunny Boy.

The two defend the world from evil, thus, making it a better place. Some people suspect that the Pink Crusader is Gay God Julian Jones and Bunny Boy being Bill Jones, however they do not answer their questions.

It is quite obvious that they are Gay Julian and Bill Jones since they look exactly like them and have the same voice. 

How they became The Pink Crusader and Bunny BoyEdit

One afternoon, Julian and Bill were watching the 60's Batman series when Julian said, "Let's protect Rome from homophobes." Bill thought it was a genius idea and loved it. The next day, Julian asked Bill "what their supergay names should be", Bill thought how gaytacular it was that he used "supergay" instead of "superhero.". Bill jumped up in the air, his buttocks jiggling and exclaimed, "I want to be Bunny Boy!" Julian could have sworn he had heart eyes for a second, seeing Bill's buttocks jiggle like that. Julian then thought of The Pink Crusader, a rip off of The Caped Crusader. 

The day after that, they made their costumes. Julian made his costume pink, light pink and hot pink with a mask and a "G" on the front standing for Gay Julian. Bill made his costume light pink with fingerless gloves and a brown tail, the colour of his hair added to the pants. He also has a pink cape and a "B" on his chest which stands for "Bunny Boy" and "Bill".

A month after creating their supergays, Christopher picked up on it and made his costume. It is blue, dark blue and light blue, a red cape, a mask and a red "C" on the front, standing for "Christopher", but Andy teases him and says "Does it stand for cunt?". However, the first time Christopher turns up in his superstraight costume, driving his Straight mobile, Julian and Bill think it stands for "Cock", believing he has changed his ways and turned Gay. They later find out that Christopher is trying to stop them from saving Gay's, because Gay's deserve all of the hate they can get. Julian then shoves a Gay Bullet(a pink ammunition bullet that would go in the Gay Machine Gunarun) up his buttocks. Christopher screams, runs and calls 999. 

To this day, they save Rome and occassionally outside of Rome from homophobes, fighting off The Straightinator(Christopher's SuperStraight name) and Andy Pandy(Andys SuperStraight name).


The Straightinator leaves his base in his trademark cape and mask.