Julianos Gruesana Jones
Owner of the Gay Gang


Julianos Gruesana Jones





Hair Colour:


Eye Colour:

Blue, sometimes turquoise




July 8th, 1993


Bill Tongalong Jones



Born In:


There are 7 billion people in the world and I am the gayest one out there and I am going to shag you to death. Got that? Good. Hehe.

Gay Julian (Julianos Gruesana Jones) is a very popular Italian Gay God. He is the main protagonist of the franchise, also being a billionaire with 720,853,342,985 and growing euros. He is known to shag people and with nobody remembering. Only very lucky and powerful ones remember. (He shags over 1,000,000 people a year, and only 20+ remember) Julian shags people and then looks into them with his temporary pink eyes, making people want to give him their wallets. Julian then escapes quickly(mainly by flying out of their window), and the victim doesn't rememeber what happened. The police have given up trying to arrest Julian since he just shags his way out of the cell. When Julian dies, he will become a legend, people will and won't believe if he existed unless there is proof. The most known Julian haters are Christopher Tottington and Andy Wallace . They team up to destroy Julian and are the owners and creators of the Straight Gang, with Julian being owner and creator of the Gay Gang along with Billa Jones.

Julian Jones was created in 2009 by Olivia B, along with Billa Jones being created by Daniel B.

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Appearance and equipment

Gay Julianos Gruesana Jones is a 23-year-old gay lord fashion expert.


Julian wears light pink lipstick, mascara and occasionally pink/blue/etc eyeshadow and sometimes blush. He also wears any type of shirt and any type of pants, though, he has been seen wearing skinny jeans and chinos(black, dark blue, pink or red) and short shorts(or any type of shorts). For shoes, he usually wears purple converse, flip flops or pink sparkle boots. He has also recently worn his pink sweater made by Sebastian Gatewel l. Julian doesn't wear much unique clothing, except he sometimes wears a blue t-shirt with a big red heart in the middle.

Julian sleeps in red footie pajamas and Billa sleeps in blue footie pajamas when they go for gay sleepovers.


Julian is mostly known with a blonde, golden, shiny quiff. The second Gay Julian action figure has flat blonde hair from where Julian was training Bill in the first Gay War(Merlin), and the first Gay Julian action figure has a parting in the middle.

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Gay Julian with pink lipstick and mascara, taking a picture for Bill.


Julian has wielded a number of weapons. As of the second Gay War, Julian is shown using a new sword with a pink/silver blade and a purple handle. (Julian's original sword was destoryed in the first Gay War called Merlin, aka the first Gay War) Along with his new sword, his pink backpack has a new side strap that can hold the sword while Julian is walking. In Series Two, Gay Julian, Julian and Bill ventured into Ian Cardy 's Dungeon, which was built by Ian to toughen Julian up and make him have unbelieveable gay powers. In the dungeon, Julian retrieves a sword, which has replaced the other sword as his primary weapon in wars. Overall, Julian is known to have three main swords(two being destroyed): a red sword, his Merlin sword, and the pink sword being presently used. There are a number of other weapons such as the Gay Lazor, seen being used by Julian, but it seems that he had not kept them.


Julian has a soothing Italian accent, which is slightly higher than Bill's voice. His type of Italian accent is a little higher and enjoyable. It is described as more 'higher pitched' than Bill's. You can hear Julian's voice in Gay Julian in Real Life.

Personality and character traits

Julian is a brave and sexy hero. He has quite a sense of responsibility. He seems to be somewhat overprotective of his gay-friends; such as when Syed Churchill almost got killed by a shark and Bill almost being killed by one of Christopher's traps. He is almost physically incapable of doing anything straight or straightly unjust, and will struggle greatly against doing such things. Julian acts like a gentleman when it comes to men.

Julian had a phobia of the ocean when Christopher put a thousand sharks in the ocean right next to Julian's boat, until his phobia was cured when he went out to sea with Sebastian to help cure his thalassophobia. While he portrays himself as a sexy and strong gay-hero, Julian has a VERY big side of love, as shown by his relationship with Bill. Julian has kissed alot of men in the past including Gay Club members. He has shagged Samuel Kissinger, Sebastian Gatewell, Syed Churchill and kissed Dick Mccool but however hasn't made out with Ianto or Jack and doesn't plan to.

Julian Jones at 14 years old.

Julian's aspirations are to be a sexy gay lord and destroy Christopher and the Straight Gang, which he has accomplished.

Many aspects of Julian's personality are shrouded in gayness. Julian believes life is fantastic while Billa thinks "Music is the most powerful form of Magic".

Julian can also be very generous and helpful, but can be emotional when watching a film about two men who break up, or other things that could be upsetting about gay things.

While Julian is shown to be a courageous shag lord, he is also shown to have several fears. He is shown to have a fear of someone saying they're going to break up with him. However, Julian is not afraid of the dark, as Billa is.



Julian is proficient in several forms of combat, including hand-to-hand combat, his gay magic, and swordsmanship. He can jump very high and is exceptionally strong. He seems to be athletic as he can do handstands, cartwheels, backflips and several other things making him know gymnastics. Julian also seems to have impeccable balance, too.


Julian has some origami skills, as he made Bill Jones over 100 paper planes. He seemed to have a short addiction to origami in which he made several paper planes, paper structures, etc. He is also a very good drawer and painter and also coming up with creative ideas in some situations.


Julian enjoys singing as he has sang Bill several songs to describe their love and as he has sang Bill to sleep in occasions. Apparently, Julian can also play the guitar in which is used in several of his love songs. Julian can also surprisingly play the piano.


Julian is very good at playing a video game called Gay Stranded, which he and Bill play on their luxury boat from time to time. Julian writes and draws with his right hand as Bill is ambidextrous. He also watches "Who wants to be a Millionaire", The Gay Chase, The Great Italian Bake Off, Fashion at its Finest and Gay or no Gay. When Julian and Bill were only friends, Julian used to dream about becoming Bill's boyfriend, even though he thought that Bill was straight, he wrote poems and wrote about how flawless he was, until Bill visited and found his journal.

Julian has a Youtube channel called "Joey Graceffa " The reason the channel is called that, is to cover Julian's identity. People say that "Joey " looks like Julian, but Joey never admits that he's actually Julian. He also reversed his initials, Joey Graceffa (JG) Gay Julian (GJ) and backwards GJ is JG so he chose Joey Graceffa .

Life Story:

It is unknown if Julian was born by a woman or a man. He was born on July 8th, 1993. He is a 23 year old model, gay lord, gay god, legend, popular, shagging beast. Some people say he was born on July 8th because the eight rotated is the infinity symbol.

Julian was originally 28 year's old, but was changed to 22 year's old, aging realistically.


Julian discovered his talent at 16 year's old when he started to shag people uncontrollably, later he controlled it and makes money out of it, people loved and hated him for this. Julian has a title of 'Gay' at the front of his name which is one of his nicknames to show that he's the Gay God. At age 16, he found Gay Rabbit Chat and decided to chat to online gay lords in the world via Gay Rabbit Chat. He met Bill Jones at 17 year's old via Gay Rabbit Chat. Julian suddenly saw a sexy brown-haired man appear, Italian, Sexy, Cute and Astonishing. Julian sent Billa a date invite, asking him to meet up in Italy in Milan at Big Luigi's Spaghetti and Meatball. Billa accepted and it went from there. The date was successful. When Julian was 17 years old, men named Christopher Gaihaita Tottington and Andy Hillbreaker Wallace made a clan with currently 4,000,000+ fans. Christopher and Andy are known as 'a straight version of Julian and Bill.

18 Year's Old(2009)

At age 18, Bill decided to buy Julian a cat for their anniversary. Julian named it Gaylet. A few months after Julian and Bill's first anniversary in 2009, Christopher and Andy started the first Gay War, The Straight Gang vs The Gay Gang. The Gay Gang won the first Gay War by Julian destroying Christopher's Straight Gay-destryoing emerald. But more was yet to come.

19 Year's Old(2010)

Bill wanted to shag people with Julian and he accepted, making him his Gay Shag Partner. The Straight Gang threatened a second Gay War, and it began. The Gay Gang, yet again, won.

20 Year's Old(2011)

Julian earns his money by shagging the victim and stealing their money. Julian proposed to Bill on the 27th of May, 2011. Julian and Bill described their love for One Direction and how they listen to their songs regularly on reply and how "Kiss You" is their favorite as they made a music video about it. They decided to buy all the merch possible to describe their love. They had hats, shirts, accessories, posters, bed duvets, pillows, wallpaper and even bobbleheads of the group! The Straight Gang began a Third Gay War, and to have one every year until one of them won. The Straight Gang partly won, by killing Bill. But they weren't finished yet, they needed to destroy Julian and every gay in extistance.

21 Year's Old(2012)

Bill's death affected Julian so much which made him want to destroy the Straight Gang even more, if that was possible. He wouldn't give up until they were gone, so to prepare for the Straight Gang's fourth Gay War, he got all of his Gay fanbase to take part without The Straight Gang knowing. But while Mini Me was out trying to gather more footage, he found out about this, causing The Straight Gang to copy Julian's plan. The Gay Gang won the war, but still not defeating Christopher.

22 Year's Old(2013)

The Straight Gang started the fifth and final Gay War, in which the Gay Gang finally won, defeating Christopher and Andy, not by death, but by jail for life. The rest of the Straight Gang retired, and so did the Gay Gang. 

23 Year's Old(2014)

Julian, the rest of the Gay Gang and the rest of the Straight Gang lived a normal life, Julian did not get another boyfriend. 

24 Year's Old(2015)

Julian turns 24 on July 8th, 2015.

Bill eats Shepherds Pie on Sundays, while Julian eats Bangers and Mash. Both Julian and Bill eat 100% Italian Spaghetti with extra meatballs on Wednesdays, and pasta and pizza on Mondays. Julian currently has 1,000,000,000+ followers on Twitter, 20,000,000+ subscribers on Youtube, 6,000,000+ followers on Instagram and 7,000,000+ followers on Tumblr. Julian also takes Bill to the Caribbean every year.


  • Julian went on the popular Italian gay gameshow "Cockbusters" and won 50,000 euros. 
  • Julian uses the rare brand of toilet paper, Goldaroo, which is golden toilet roll.
  • Julian's favourite meal is Spaghetti with Meatballs.


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