There are 7 billion people in the world and I am the gayest one out there and I am going to shag you to death. Got that? Good. Hehe.
Here we go, Bill...

Shag. Me. NOW.
Ooh! That was a big one.
Oh, don't push yourself too much.
Hehe, i'm not single...
Ehh, he he he!
Oh, you're gonna have to be unique for that.
Oh yes, this is my sort of style...

- Julian seeing a tiger rug

OOOH. I like dat.

- Julian speaking in a low voice, bit of excitment.

True information does good.

Well that's a sexy voice, isn't it?

To the Shag Mobile, away!
Follow the spiders, why can't it be follow the butterflies?
I'm the richest person in the universe, if you think you're getting any euros, you can Gay off.

—- Julian to whoever asks for his money.

Sometimes after I take my daily dose of Gay Tablets, I poo rainbows!
Ohhohhh, Christopher you are not going to get away with this..

—- Julian when Christopher ties him and Bill up.