Croc 'n' Clogs is a song made by Nigel Gramolian(Grammar Git). The song was hated by the whole high school, however he thought it was very good. Later in the year, he put it up on YouTube with 30,000 views and 10,000 dislikes and 1 like. The one like being by Nigel himself. It was later taken down by YouTube for being so bad.

The lyrics:


I may be a cunt, but I do not grunt.

Not all the time anyway. (annoying laughing in the background).

Click clacking along, not wearing thongs. 

I have a huge vocabulary, it helps by eating blackberries.

Who, where, what, how, why, their, there, they're, what're, you're, your, 

if you don't get your grammar right, I will hit you with a hammer.

I may have a spotty face, but I always win the race. (muttering in the background, followed by a psychotic laugh, his mother can be heard calling him downstairs for dinner.)

I have two kinds of braces,

The ones on my teeth and the ones on my trousers!

What happened to all of your faces!?

I know every single word in the dictionary,

Have you heard the word?

I am the world's biggest turd, they say!

So get your grammar right or I will return with a fright!

  A few seconds later, the viewers think the video is done but a screamer appears of his face, screaming.